Churches In Wythenshawe

Churches In Wythenshawe

Here are some details of other churches located nearby to Brooklands Church of the Nazarene. This information has been gathered from various sources and in some instances may no longer be accurate. Although we cannot verify the accuracy of any of the information provided, if your church details are included in this list and you would like them to be changed or removed, please contact us.

Note: these churches are all located near Manchester International Airport (Tel. General enquiries +44 (0) 8712 710 711; website: ) and Wythenshawe Hospital (website: Website: ) where various denominational Hospital Chaplains can be contacted via the hospital, located at Wythenshawe Hospital, Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M23 9LT. Tel: 0161 998 7070. Fax: 0161 2912037. Email:

St Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church
Parish Priest: Father Michael Murray
Priest: Father Sajimon Kuriakose
Address: St Anthony’s Presbytery, Dunkery Road,
Woodhouse Park, Manchester.  M22 0WR
Telephone: 0161 437 2861
Team Ministry Secretary: Mr Leo J Byrne
Telephone: 0161 436 5622
Team Ministry Community Worker: Gerry Flanagan
Telephone: 0161 945 5313
Parish Sisters: Sister Anita Telephone: 0161 428 7572
Sr Damien / Sr Anastasia Telephone: 0161 499 2923
Wythenshawe Hospital
Hospital Chaplain: Fr Sajimon Kuriakose
Telephone: 0161 998 7070. The Chaplain can be contacted through Wythenshawe Hospital.

St. Hilda & St. Aidan’s R.C. Parish
Priest in charge: Fr Robinson Melkis
Permanent Deacon: Rev Brian McCarthy
Address: 66 Kenworthy Lane, Northenden, Manchester M22 4EF
Tel: 0161 998 2895
Team Ministry Secretary: Mr Leo J Byrne
Telephone: 0161 436 5622
Team Ministry Community Worker: Gerry Flanagan. Telephone: 0161 945 5313

Sacred Heart & St Peter’s R.C. Parish
Parish Priest: Fr Paul Standish
Permanent Deacons: Revv Gerard Doherty, Joseph Norbury.
Address: Sacred Heart & St Peter’s Presbytery, Floatshall Road,
Baguley, Manchester.  M23 1HP
Telephone: 0161 998 5319
Email Address:

Team Ministry Secretary: Mr Leo J Byrne
Telephone: 0161 436 5622
Team Ministry Community Worker: Gerry Flanagan
Telephone: 0161 945 5313

Wythenshawe Community Church (A member of Assemblies of God)
Pastor Mike O’Connor and Mary O’Connor
94 Crossacres Road, Manchester M22 5BS
Tel. 0161 437 0303

Brownley Green Baptist Church
Crossacres Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 9TB
Tel: 0161 437 2870.
Ministers: Rev Stuart and Mrs Georgie Christine.
Alternative email contact with Brownley Green Baptist Church is possible via website at
< >

Wythenshawe Methodist Churches: Tel. 0161 437 9328
St. Andrew’s House, Brownley Road, Manchester, M22 0DW
Wythenshawe Oasis: Project Manager: Jason Kenyon. Tel. 0161 437 9328
Wythenshawe Oasis, St Andrew’s House, Brownley Road, Wythenshawe,
Manchester, M22 0DW
Web address:

St. Mark’s United Reformed Church
Oatlands Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 1AH.
Minister: Rev. Kate Gray. Email:
Tel. 0161 437 4392

Anglican (Episcopalian) churches in Wythenshawe, Manchester, can be contacted via email by going to the appropriate part of the Manchester Church of England website at
< >

St. Wilfrid’s Church of England Parish Church
Minister: The Revd Greg S Forster. Tel: 0161 998 2615
Address: Northenden Rectory, Ford Lane, Northenden, Manchester M22 4NQ.

St Luke’s Church of England Rectory, Brownley Road, Manchester, M22 4PT
Tel. Tel. 0161 998 2071. (For further contact details see for William Temple C of E.).

William Temple Church of England, Robinswood Road, Wythenshawe.
Contact Details
The Revd Stephen M. Edwards, William Temple Vicarage, Robinswood Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 0BU. Tel: 0161 437 3194

St Michael and All Angels Church of England, Lawton Moor, Wythenshawe.
The Revd K L Justice, Orton Road, Northern Moor, Manchester M23 0LH.
Tel: 0161 998 2461. Web:

St Martin’s with St Francis Church of England
The Revd Jacob Devadason, St Martins Vicarage, 2 Blackcarr Road, Wythenshawe,
Manchester M23 1LX
Tel: 0161 998 3408

St Richard of Chichester Church of England, Peel Hall, Wythenshawe.
The Revd Melanie J Appleby, St Richard’s Vicarage, 42 Lomond Road, Peel Hall
Manchester M22 5JD.
Tel: Home: 0161 215 1181, Work: 0161 499 2022, Mobile: 07876 191572

Brooklands Church of the Nazarene, Wendover Road
Brooklands, Manchester, M23 9FN
Pastor: Rev. Karl Stanfield
Tel: 0161 998 9863
Email contact