Daily Bible Readings For 2021

Daily Bible Readings For 2021

Here at Brooklands, we publish a Weekly Update sheet, which contains a Daily Prayer and Reading guide.

This gives us a focus each day for our devotional time, including items and people to pray for and a one-year plan to read through the entire New Testament. We have scheduled the readings to cover six days each week, leaving Saturday off as a Sabbath, which can be used to catch up on missed readings if needed.

For those wishing to import these readings into their personal online calendar, so they can be conveniently accessed from a mobile device or computer, we have provided a file in order to do this.

Click Here To Download The .ics File For The New Testament Readings

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to import the readings for those using Google Calendar. The process may be slightly different for those using Microsoft or other platforms.

How To Import The Readings To A Google Calendar

By following these instructions, 313 full-day entries will be imported into your calendar for each day of the year – excluding Saturdays. Therefore, you may find it more convenient to create a new separate calendar (to your standard personal one) to allow the displayed readings to be toggled on/off at any point through the year. This also makes it easy to delete all the entries if ever required (by just deleting the separate calendar).

1. Download the readings2021.ics file using the links above and save onto your hard drive. (You may find by opening this file on your PC or Mac, your default calendar application will open and prompt you to start the import process. However, if you would like to import the readings directly into your Google web calendar in order to sync the readings across your mobile devices, the following steps can be followed.)

2. Navigate to http://www.google.com/calendar in your web browser and login with your Google account credentials, assuming you are not already logged in.

3. If you wish to import the readings directly into your default calendar skip to step seven. If you would like to create a new calendar to import the readings into, click on the ‘cog’ icon, currently positioned towards the top right hand-corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

4. Underneath the Settings heading, click the ‘Add calendar’ link and then select ‘Create new calendar’.

5. Enter a name for the new calendar e.g. Bible Readings, then click the ‘Create calendar’ button.

6. Once created, click the back arrow at the top of the screen next to Settings, and you should be returned to your main calendar view screen and this new calendar should now appear on the left-hand side of the screen in the ‘My calendars’ section. (If you can’t see the ‘My calendars’ section, click the icon containing three horizontal bars at the top left of the screen).

7. Click on the ‘cog’ icon again to get back into the Settings menu (top right-hand side of screen).

8. Click on the link named ‘Import & export’, and then select ‘Import’

9. Click the box named ‘Select file from your computer’ and select the readings2021.ics file from the location you saved it to in step 1.

10. In the next drop-down box, select the calendar where you would like to import the readings to i.e. either the new calendar created just for the readings, or your default personal calendar.

11. Click the import button and the readings should now be added to the calendar selected.

12. If you have imported the readings into a new calendar, in order to view them on your mobile device you may need to activate the display of this specific calendar within the calendar app.