Project Romania Mission

Project Romania Mission

Our Young People’s group have now returned from their summer mission trip where they had the opportunity to experience Romanian culture and work in Sighisoara helping with children’s camps alongside a Christian charity named ‘Project Romania’

The youth organised a wonderful presentation on their time in Romania during our morning service on Sunday 8th September,2013. Below is a video slideshow showing many of the photos took while out there.

Here are some of the updates we received from the Mission Team while they were serving!

Wednesday, 31st July

For the last 3 days we have been looking after a group of 23 kids ranging in age from 8 to 18 from a small village called Viscri. We did crafts such as bracelets and glass painting, played team games and they put on a talent show for us.

We are looking forward to resting today before we head back to Bucharest. Also to finish and celebrate we will be going out for a meal tonight with Norman and Linda.

During this time a few members of the group were able to go into another village to help with some building work. This gave them the opportunity to see the way some of the children they had worked with lived and the everyday struggles they faced. It was an experience overwhelmed with emotion but helped to deepen our knowledge about the children’s lives and the importance of the work we were doing.

Thursday, 25th July

We are getting used to the heat, the early mornings and the long days… as well as Karina’s sleep talking and Ivy’s snoring.

We’ve had an emotional visit to the hospital where we did crafts with elderly people who seem to appreciate lollipop more than anything.

We usually have 25-30 kids a day. We work with the other team and teach them Bible stories, get them ready to go into the pool and play with them.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the many trips we took to the shop to buy goodies.

Please keep praying for us.

Tuesday, 23rd July

Today went well and our YP loved working with the kids and the kids love them! We are working with a team from Northern Ireland until Saturday, then we are on our own.

Starting Sunday evening until Tuesday evening we will be in charge of a group of kids who will sleep over. We had a short meeting today to plan what we will be doing. Please pray for us as it will be the first time working on our own!

Sunday, 21st July

We all enjoyed a safe flight and took extreme measures to find cold drinks and keep entertained during a six hour stop in Munich by playing charades, napping, eating ice cream and playing a long game of I-spy – we just about made it!

After arriving safely in Bucharest, we all enjoyed traditional home cooking by Mariana, Simona’s mum. We visited church this morning – Ben’s Scottish accent prepared us well for the language barrier, and after a ROMANIAN got us lost on a ROMANIAN subway we also enjoyed a sunny trip to the park – let’s hope we get off the train at the right stop tomorrow, at Sighisoara where the real work beings!

Background To The Trip

Project Romania is run by missionaries Reverend Norman and Linda Patterson and they supervised the work of our young people during the trip. Norman and Linda joined us for our morning service on Sunday 3rd March and gave an excellent presentation on their mission work with Project Romania, which started 15 years ago.

The charity is involved with lots of different projects including:

  • Building houses for homeless and needy families
  • Children’s camps which teach the word of God
  • Looking after children’s medical needs, hygiene and welfare


Our youth group were very active in raising funds to help towards the cost of the mission trip.

A fundraising meal was held at the church on Sunday 19th May where we enjoyed a three course Sunday roast lunch for just £5 per person. All funds raised went towards the cost of the mission trip.

Other fund raising efforts included our young people hosting a very enjoyable Food and Quiz Night on Friday 22nd March, cake sales, Brooklands’ first YP choir piece, led by Audrey Bolton, a car wash day and a sale of handmade jewellery and decorated candles.

Our young people also ran a car boot sale at Timperley Cricket Club on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May where £365.90 was raised to help towards the cost of the mission trip. Many thanks to all who donated items for sale.

Many thanks to everyone who generously contributed to the fund raising events and to those who helped out behind the scenes.

All funds raised went towards covering the expenses of the trip including flights and transport as well as giving our youth the opportunity to donate £500 towards the work of Project Romania.


Please continue to pray for the ongoing work of Project Romania and the positive impact the mission trip had on all the young people taking part.