Silent Prayer

Silent Prayer

In line with Government regulations, the church sanctuary will be open for silent prayer, for one hour each Wednesday morning.

Collective group prayer meetings, with persons praying audibly or singing, are still not permitted, and in order to protect everyone’s safety we need to strictly observe a range of precautions listed below.

1. Please register with Mark Bolton. (It may be necessary to allocate a time slot).

2. Email Mark via or using our contact form.

3. Enter through the main door as instructed by a steward.

4. Upon arrival, sanitise your hands using the hand disinfectant provided.

5. Wear your own face mask (optional, but preferred).

6. Go to one of the designated chairs in the sanctuary for a time of personal reflection and silent prayer.

7. Leave by the fire exit when ready or as directed by a steward.

8. Other areas of the church (including toilets) will be unavailable except for strictly designated purposes. Please bring a flask of water if you are likely to need refreshment.

Many thanks for your co-operation during these times. We look forward to welcoming those able to attend.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like more information on any of our events.