Church AGM

Church AGM

This year our Annual General Meeting will be held after our live streamed service on Sunday 14th March, 2021.

We will begin at approximately 12noon. Please use the normal Zoom link to attend the AGM.

Please download and read through the AGM information pack, available in PDF format, which contains the agenda for the meeting as well as reports submitted. It makes for interesting reading, and serves as a reminder of how God has blessed us even in difficult circumstances.

This year’s meeting will take place online, which I’m sure comes as no surprise to you, and we will take time to hear and scrutinise reports as well as make some important decisions about the leadership and direction of the church.

It’s an important part of the way we exist as a church with accountability, transparency and democracy. However, at the centre of it all we want there to be prayer – please be in prayer ahead of this.

If you are a church member you have a vote in any decisions needing to be made, but everyone is welcome to attend. There will be opportunities to join the membership of the church later in the year.