Please Give!

Please Give!

We give thanks to God and gratefully receive all support, through prayer and financial gifts, which help cover the costs of our ministries and pastoral team.

Online Giving

We have partnered with so that we can accept donations online.

Please click through via the link above. It only takes a few seconds to pay securely via debit or credit card. A 5% fee will be charged on top of the donation you would like to give. So a £10 donation, means our church will receive the full £10, with the donor being charged an additional £0.50 on top.

Giving via Text/SMS

We also have the option to give via your mobile phone.

Just text BROOKLANDS followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 or 20 to 70450

So, for example, writing BROOKLANDS 5, and sending this to mobile number 70450, means we will receive a donation of £5.

Please note, texts will cost your donation (£GBP) plus one standard rate message. This will be billed via your mobile provider.

These are both convenient options for visitors to make one-off donations.

Bank Transfer/Cheque

If you are a regular part of our fellowship, in order to minimise transaction fees, we ask you to consider setting up a standing order or making payments directly via bank transfer. Alternatively, we can receive cheques. Please contact us or speak to Sheila Strong so we can assist on paying via these methods.

Gift Aid

We are able to claim Gift Aid on donations received, as long as you have paid UK income tax equivalent to the amount given.

This really helps maximise our offerings, by allowing the church to claim an additional 25% on top of your gift, at no extra cost to you!

Please speak to Sheila Strong for more information on this and our covenant scheme, or on any aspects of giving financially to our ministries.

Thank You!

Many thanks for all your continued support.